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    Hey, when searching through the plugins there are a lot that are rated by 1 person as 5 stars and this gives the appearance that it’s rated higher than other plugins that might have 4 stars, but over 1,000 5 star ratings, which would make me prefer to go with the second option.

    I think it would be great if the plugins needed to have at least 3 ratings before the star is shown and the number of ratings received per plugin should always be shown too instead of on hover.


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  • Completely agree.
    This is the very issue of wordpress library, I mean, despite the huge number of plugins, it takes me hours to find something more or less appropriate. And often a couple of more hours to fix it (oh yeah… most of the plugins may still look odd in IE, which is not acceptable for me).
    Okay, but these ratings…
    They were supposed to enhance the searching experience, but they do exactly the opposite. There are many high rated plugins that are clearly self-voted, some might be given 5 starts, by the excited users. But you really cannot judge before you get maybe at least 10 ratings. Because someone will always have problems, and the less problematic the plugin, the less one star it should have – that’s what I noted to myself.
    In fact there are many niche plugins that hardly get above 3 stars, so they become harder to spot indeed.
    The other thing that always bugs me is version. Some plugins thousands of good ratings, but they are kinda from 2010. I mean common, there should be a better way to filter out things.
    I also cannot find the comments for the plugins, I see only stars that often tell nothing. Do I miss something?

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