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  • I am using a theme called AffiloTheme but it is taking 1-15 seconds to load my site (unsat) If I temporarily switch to twenty eleven it loads in 1-2 seconds.

    I am having difficulty getting any timely support from Affilotheme.

    I notice that it is a child theme and is importing the style.css. When I run a page load that’s on it shows that style.css is what is taking so long to load (10-15 seconds)

    I’m not smart enough to know really what to do. Is the problem that the stye.css is being imported instead of residing at my host?

    I like the theme layout and features but do I need to switch themes or is there a way I can fix this? I am also running the W3 Total Cache plugin.

    If someone wants to run the page load test go to and test my site:

    Maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks.

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  • Actually, it look like it is the file styles.php that is taking so long.

    Check your site at Google Page Speed and see Critical Path.

    Some themes have many theme options that can be set, store said options in the db, and use PHP to then extract a stylesheet ‘on the fly’. These stylesheets tend to be large and the extra processing can take a toll.

    Discuss with theme dev. (I saw your note on this) or even better, create a child theme of twentyeleven to your liking. It may require some work, but when done you will be done…and have this forum for support. Without access to commercial themes, it’s quite difficult to troubleshoot such issues.

    Yes I see what you mean. In Google Page speed I see that styles.php is taking so long to load. I don’t know why pingdom shows something else as taking so long.

    I think you are right that I need to switch to a child of twenty eleven. I am going to start working on that. I don’t know any programming stuff but I have seen some twenty eleven child themes that I can download.

    Are these kind of child themes considered commercial themes and will I be in the same fix for support?

    I cannot recommend any themes not listed here. I am sure there are many that are fine, as long as they are from a reputable source.

    Have you ever heard of NomNom – Twenty Eleven Child Theme?

    It looks pretty popular

    I have heard of it, but do not use it, only as I create my own child themes…

    Also, if you do not intend to modify a theme, just pick a popular one from here, a child theme is for one to customize a parent theme.

    I have been watching some youtube videos on creating child themes and it looks easy to do but a question I have is this:

    If you use the dashboard options to change options, background, header, layouts, etc, etc. basically anything you can change in dashboard, will all these changes be lost when wordpress gets an update or will this all be saved in the child theme?

    …and if all the changes need to be done in the child theme doesn’t this require coding? (That’s a little over my head)


    will all these changes be lost

    These are based on theme, a theme update may or not involve resetting…depends how it is all done and if it’s a major theme update, etc.

    The idea of a child theme is to not modify the parent theme, so that when an update is done, the child theme edits are not affected.

    doesn’t this require coding

    Yes. Unless you intend to modify child theme with code, again, I suggest picking a popular theme listed here as your best option.

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