Too late to run "multisite" if 2 sites are already running? (same theme though) (2 posts)

  1. mattss
    Posted 3 years ago #

    hi guys..really appreciate the response if you could take time to explain if I can still setup multisite management if 2 out of the handful of sites that I need to setup are already up and running. They 2 running are using the same version of WP and same version of the same theme but need to setup a few more.

    Thoughts on what I can/should do?

  2. Pick one site to be the multisite.

    Activate Multisite.

    Build out a TEMP version of the existing site with a similar name that is the same character length. So if the current site is domain.com/foobar, make the new one domain.com/foobaz or /fooba2

    Export from /foobar, import into /foobaz

    Rename /foobar to /foobar-old

    Search/replace your db - foobaz -> foobaz

    Drink beer and carry on :)

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