• merdian


    This plugin does not understand its users. What a mess at the back end. Complianz grabs all the attention and want to offer as much “service” as possible.
    Websiteowners want a solution of the cookie data protection problem. Setup and done. Poeple donĀ“t like the developer tactic to push their plugins always on the frontline.

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  • Plugin Contributor Leon


    Hi @merdian,

    I am sorry to hear that you did not like our plugin.

    We do our very best to make international privacy legislation understandable, without making compromises with regards to compliance. It is not our intention for Complianz to be invasive, but on the other hand, true compliance can be quite invasive for sites that utilize for example tracking mechanisms or social media embeds.

    Thank you for your review.

    Kind regards,

    Plugin Contributor Aert Hulsebos


    @merdian and for community purposes;

    Although we can agree some privacy laws can be quite invasive for specific websites, we try to offer an understandable process to mitigate this issue while delivering a transparent and flexible plugin.

    Being compliant can be a frustrating ordeal, but we nonetheless try to minimize this by continually updating and improving our wizard, which can be seen as a set-up and “done” process.

    After, and during the wizard, the user has full control over functionalities, we only provide a default suggestion that suits the needs based on the configuration.

    If something comes up, or anything is unclear, we are always happy to assist on this forum. We strongly believe in providing a plugin that works in accordance with the law and does not provide half-measures.

    The law can, however, be invasive or time-consuming, and we strive to soften this by a complete plugin and if needed, prompt support, while listening to user input and act accordingly for future updates

    Please contact support for any feedback we can use to improve our plugin.

    regards Aert Hulsebos

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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