• Too heavy … up to 850k for a payment plugin, when the various options are activated, even on product pages, it’s a non-sense because useless (should be loaded possibly on cart and only checkout but not on any other page). It’s a malus for performance, when we all chasing for optimized code and photos to make sites faster.

    Secondly, according to laws in Europe (GDPR) or certain US states (CA, MA, …) if a person refuses them, there must be no tracking / coookie. But if you activated for instance Google Pay via this plugin, then all product pages are connected with Google, even if the person refused tracking / cookies. What is illegal.

    The 2nd point is probably linked with the 1st one. The purpose of loading 850K on any product page is most likely to track and collect informations in an illegal way, and then sell them.

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  • Plugin Contributor wpmarketingrobot


    Hi @polina92,

    Thank you for sharing your concerns in the review. I’d like to address the points you raised to ensure we’re on the same page regarding our plugin.

    Firstly, it sounds like there might be some confusion. Our plugin is designed to run only in the admin area of WooCommerce webshops and does not add weight to the front-end pages, including product pages. As such, it should not contribute to the 850k load you mentioned.

    Secondly, and most importantly, we take user privacy and legal compliance very seriously. Our plugin does not track user behavior, set cookies, or collect information in any way. This is in full compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws. The concern about illegal tracking or cookie setting is certainly not related to our plugin.

    Could you please confirm if the issues you’re experiencing are with our WooCommerce Product Feed Manager? If so, I am here to help resolve any issues you may have or assist in investigating what you’re experiencing. If it’s a different plugin, it would be helpful to review your feedback accordingly, as the points about cookie tracking are not applicable to our product.

    We appreciate your feedback and are committed to ensuring a positive experience with our plugin.

    If you prefer, you can also contact me directly via email at auke[at]wpmarketingrobot.com.

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