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  • When I first installed this on my site I was more then excited. Unfortunately when I went to go look at the stats of my site I found a giant red flag. This plugin is great if your willing to spend at least $240 a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a search plugin?!?!?!??!!??!?!??!!?

    If you don’t sign up for a paid plan with this developer you only get site stats for the previous 24 hours. Which is completely useless unless you check it daily and track the data manually. If this would have been $40-$60 for a year I would have begrudgingly paid it, but $240 a year to find out what people are searching for on my site?? Thats excessive, more then excessive and I don’t plan on keeping this plugin on my site when there are plenty of adequate alternatives for free or a fraction of the cost.

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    Hello Jigsaw,

    Our Startup plan is $228 annually, I think you missed to read other value you get with that package.

    * 5000 documents (Free version only has 2000 document limit)
    * You get email support and priority with the paid plan
    * 30 days analytics (Free version – 24 hours only)
    * Cross-domain search feature (Free version – no such feature)
    * Unlimited domains to index (Free version – just 1 domain)
    * White-label (Free version – SearchIQ branding)
    * CDN support for images in the post (Free version – we use whatever original URL it is)
    * Facet support: filter option like you see on e-commerce site. (Free version – no facet support)

    I believe your comment is not accurate regarding the features we provide for just $228/year. Also, we offload the search and image from your server to our cloud.

    Let us know if you have any questions regarding our product and please revisit our pricing page ( to learn more about the features we provide for $228 annually. Or you can reach out to

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    Thread Starter JIGSAW


    Oh well in that case if I pay you $228 for this search feature and your going to provide email support then I was way off base!!!!

    Are you serious???? yes I said $240 because 20×12=$240 yes your pricing is only $19/month but $228 is still excessive. Absurdly excessive for a search feature that only provides 30 days worth of analytics!!!!!!!

    Oh but I can use it on multiple sites if I pay you $228 wow what a great deal!! Your benefits that you chose to list out here, are not beneficial. In fact thank you for publicly posting the benefits that come with the paid version as I can guarantee you that more people will look for alternatives than handing over $228 for those meak benefits!!!!

    Only 30 days worth of analytics for $228???!!! really you think thats a good thing??? Seriously??? Who is in charge over there? Its comical that someone thought that was a good idea, but its absurd that the person in charge not only listened to it but also that was a good idea!

    $228 for something that can only give me data for 30 days??????? Who do you think you are yoast?? Yoast provides a massive amount more benefit then your plugin and is only $79. You provide 30 days worth of a singular analytic and want 3 x the amount of money than a plugin that provides analytics on multiple fronts as well as real time suggestions to improve a users site & content. You want $228 but only want to provide 30 days worth of analytics????

    Not even remotely proportionate, and you know it.

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