• This was looking really good. I hoped to use it with Wasabi S3 storage for my images. Imgix looked good too, with reasonable prices… except for 1 thing: minimum $10/mo. Unfortunately, Imgix is required here to use S3 so the net is $10/mo. UPDATED: I verified that the current version of this plugin does not require Imgix. Thanks to the author for his reply. Rating also updated.

    For some use cases that isn’t a big deal, but for mine it is. It also seems like a lot when I pay $5 for 1TB of storage at Wasabi. If only this plugin used Cloudinary instead of Imgix…

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  • Plugin Author interfacelab


    Imgix isn’t required to use S3 with this plugin. It’s recommended, but not required.

    Cloudinary is also more expensive than Imgix with not as good quality.

    Version 3.0 is coming out in two weeks that has a mini-Imgix built into the plugin, if you need dynamic image generation. If you don’t need dynamic image generation, you can just use S3/Wasabi/etc.

    This review is misinformed and downright wrong. Its rating and basis are also erroneous.

    At first, I too was concerned if I had to use imgix (per author’s overzealous promotion of Imgix causing people to misunderstand it as a requirement) and its $10 minimum at the least; but it turns out, imgix is not required at all.

    I’m happy using S3 with this plugin without imgix or anything else (looking at DO Spaces for another project as well, still with this plugin for sure).

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