• Let’s start out with the good…..

    Customer support has a pretty fast response time.

    Now on to the bad-
    We were able to figure out how to use this plugin, but we’re technically genius level merchants. Other folks might have a harder go of it, though Codisto does offer some pretty ok training videos.

    It’s quite a complicated plugin setup. You will have to know a lot about database maintenance (if you’re using WooCommerce) and the pricing…. Let’s talk about the pricing….

    So, the 2nd level tier option costs resellers $720/year just to list products on eBay or Amazon, both of which are going to charge you commission on top of that. eBay has insertion fees of $.35 per listing plus they take 12.9% seller commission. Amazon charges 15% commission plus either $1 per sale or $40 per month depending on your seller account. We resell items with typically a 10-25% profit margin with means after we’ve paid everyone, we’re making almost nothing no matter what Codisto plan we choose. As a business owner, I’m not comfortable makeing the least out of everyone at the table. But that’s just me.

    Combine that with the overload this plugin places on the web browser, it’s shipping policy limitations, the plugin defaults every physical good to free, 1 Day fulfillment (still pretty pissed about that), and it truncated all our product listing names (even cutting off words so ‘Download’ reads as ‘Downl’) leading to more work managing customer questions than we actually made in profit, and this is a pretty poor plugin for the money.

    The verdict? Use WP-Lister for free. It’s clunky but the support is about as good as Codisto and they won’t rob you blind. Plus you’ll have much greater control over your listings templates and profile if you don’t know HTML.

    We decided to go with a 2 star review because the support folks we chatted with were very courteous and helpful, even if they work for a company with an overpriced, market gouging product.

    MusicMann Studios

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  • Plugin Author codisto


    Thanks for your detailed review. It’s true that Codisto isn’t the cheapest solution available but we believe that great software requires investment and we stand by our pricing for those looking for a fully featured, robust solution.

    Your other comments need some correction/clarification:

    We default to free shipping and 1 day handling because these are eBay best practice defaults that help search ranking. However, these are easily overridden in bulk and as via future default settings.

    Product listing names are truncated by eBay not Codisto (80 character limit).

    I’m not sure how your web browser if being overloaded – whilst our interface offers a very powerful and unique way of managing marketplaces in bulk, we never hear of browsers becoming overloaded so aren’t sure what to respond with here. Happy to chat via support if you would like to.

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    Also, Codisto has a feature allowing you to import or convert all your existing listings to their template/profile when you begin using their plugin. What they don’t tell you is you’ll be charged eBay insertion fees $.35/per for each of them because eBay views that action as creating new listings. And if you cancel your Codisto account, all of your listings will have their logo present, you’ll be advertising for them for free until you manually change each listing or end all your listings and re import them, incurring another round of $.35/per insertion fees.

    Also, Codisto does not allow you to ship to just the USA. You are allowed to choose ‘North America’ only.

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    Again, it’s important to point out the facts:

    Insertion fees are charged by eBay for new listing creation only NOT linking listings as this is classed as a revision. When linking you can choose to retain everything in the listing apart from the inventory level. If that process is done correctly there are no new listings created and hence no insertion fees. Insertion fees would only be charged by eBay if a seller doesn’t have a Store subscription. Professional sellers typically have the correct eBay store subscription for their selling profile.

    In terms of shipping, it is eBay who dictate shipping regions not Codisto. Codisto presents North America because that’s what eBay provides.

    In terms of our logo, it is possible to remove this by contacting customer support.

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    Also, Codisto charged us sales commissions on sales made on eBay while on their free ’14 day trial period’. I’ve got more. I can keep this up for days.

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