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  • Not sure when this changed but when editing a menu, if the item being edited is in the bottom part of the viewport and you click to expand it, the “Delete Menu” link is exactly where you’d expect the “Remove” link to be. Both are red. Neither has a confirmation step.

    I accidentally deleted an entire menu when I meant to remove one item. I am probably not the first nor will I be the last. Almost did it again today but my memory saved me. Since menus can’t be undeleted, this is really bad when it happens.

    I suggest moving the delete menu link so it isn’t aligned exactly with where the remove link shows and it may also make sense to add an “Are you sure?” confirmation to it.

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  • Green Daddy


    Haha I feel you on this. We’ve been working on and it’s so frustrating when the menu is big, you think you’re clicking delete menu item and it removes the whole menu, also had some hardships with this this week.

    A mistake you wont make twice, because its not an easy fix sometimes, best of luck!

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