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  • ldixon789


    I’m a web developer. My clients are mostly not tech-savvy and use their sites to publish statutory information as part of their work. I had a look at Gutenberg and feel it is totally unsuitable for my clients.
    Gutenberg should not be imposed on all WordPress users, but instead released as a plugin for those that want it.
    A few observations:
    1. Please don’t insist that each paragraph be in a separate ‘block’. Maybe the first block could be a multi-functional block similar to the current editing screen (that would allow lots of paragraphs, heading types, bullets etc) and then if users wanted they could add extra blocks. These extra blocks could provide more complex features such as columns or galleries.
    2. I use ‘Screen Options’ to set up all my client sites with a simplified interface consisting only of the Title, Content and Publish metaboxes. I cannot see a way to do this in Gutenberg.
    3. The ‘Publish’ button has been renamed ‘Schedule’. This is will be really confusing for my users (as it was for me).
    4. I tried to set up a Gallery block and add some photos, but got a JSON error. I’m using Firefox as a browser.
    The imposition of Gutenberg would create a lot of extra work for me as I would need to disable it on all my client sites or spend a lot of additional time supporting it. It’s making me question whether I can continue to use WordPress.

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  • designsimply


    Hello and thank you for your feedback. I am here to make a note of them and also to offer help if I feel it would be valuable to you or ask for more information if I think more detail would be helpful for the project.

    Regarding each paragraph being a separate block, I wonder if using the More > Fix Toolbar to Top would help you with that because you may be used to the toolbar being at the top and that might be what’s throwing you off about it. No worries if it doesn’t help, just trying to offer a suggestion in case it does!

    A decision was made not to use screen options because a lot of people don’t know about them (poor discoverability) and because extensibility APIs are now preferred metaboxes in plugins. There will continue to be iterations around how those options work but hopefully they will be done in a way that is more discoverable and more compatible with the way data is now being transferred (APIs).

    The ‘Publish’ button should only be renamed ‘Schedule’ if you have made a modification to the publish date such as setting it in the future. The button should say ‘Publish’ by default. If you’re experiencing something different, let me know and maybe I can help you get to the bottom of that.

    The JSON error you mentioned is likely a bug or a plugin conflict and is being discussed at and if you are able to add any additional helpful information there that would be so great because I haven’t been able to reproduce that issue in testing yet!

    The previous editor is also not perfect but I understand that it’s something clients are used to and that you may want to disable it at first.

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