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    Not for the beginner. Run up costs without knowing as the plugin is free but won’t work without a valid OpenAI subscription, and that service charges you. Couldn’t get Chatbot to work despite multiple attempts. Constantly saying used up quota…even from the beginning when I only said ‘Hi’…

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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    I am not OpenAI, please don’t review this plugin based on your experience with OpenAI – it’s like reviewing a car based on the fuel price. Also, you can use OpenRouter instead of OpenAI if you prefer.

    I am sorry but I fail to understand your review. What can I do to make it into a better product for you? Keep in mind that this plugin you used is free and I don’t get anything from it, from you (except a review, in this case).

    I wholeheartedly disagree with this reviewer. If you have even a basic knowledge of WordPress and have ever used a plugin, this plugin is super easy to use. Also, it makes it very clear that you need to have API Keys from OpenAI, which is a paid service by OpenAI; it’s in no way a hidden charge. If the reviewer looked beyond his “I want everything for free or I’m going to give bad reviews” mentality and actually signed up for OpenAI API, he would realize that you can use the API for months in just $5 if you’re using GPT 3.5 Turbo or older. It’s literally good as free.

    I came here today to write a lovely review for this plugin, and I can’t believe someone would write such a review for this amazing plugin that has changed my life. And frankly, I haven’t found any other plugin that does so well what this plugin does. All the other ones don’t even begin to understand what is required for real productivity. Thank you Jordy for all the thought and love you have put into this. What used to take me months or years to do, I’m able to do in a weekend now thanks to this magic plugin. You rock!

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