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  • Twenty Thirteen is a very clever theme. Clever in the aspect that the to make the changes I want, such as a category page that shows a thumbnail image of the featured image on the left side and an excerpt of the post has as of this review not been completed. Those who created the theme got clever. Which means spending countless hours figuring out just what changes in the child theme has to be done to get the changes I want.

    I’ve made some changes, but my goal was content. Not fixing another theme because the creators of it decided to get clever. It’s annoying. It’s like they didn’t want changes to be made which defeats the whole purpose of WordPress.

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  • So why not just use another theme? A theme is what it is. The developer(s) make design decisions and you can either take them or leave them.

    I chose this theme because of the retro look. The graphics fit the project. The code however has needed to be tweaked.

    As much as I like the graphic elements, I’m seriously thinking of finding a different theme.

    Really??? I think it is relatively easy to make changes compared to very difficult themes I have dealt with in my lifetime. Still it is not for totally novice for sure.

    I’m glad you find it relatively easy to make changes.

    I would not consider myself a novice. At the same time I feel the theme does come under the heading of being too clever.

    For what it’s worth each theme is like delving into the mind of the person or persons who developed it. This theme I haven’t gotten a handle on yet.

    For those of you wanting to make quick and simple changes to the appearance of TwentyThirteen, give the Styles plugin a try:

    It’ll let you change all your colors and fonts without any code. I used it on my site just to tone down the TwentyThirteen colors a little bit. 🙂

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