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  • I really wanted to like WP Time Capsule. The plugin looks slick and I liked the idea of incremental backups. After testing it a few days I purchased and used with my Amazon S3 to back up about 10 websites. Basic backups and restore are very slow but seem to work well. After the first backup the painfully slow speed isn’t bad as not much is transferred. However, restoring to a broken sight or another host requires you to upload their bridge and not the plugin itself. Restoring with the bridge from Amazon S3 DOES NOT WORK. I tried with Site5, Inmotion, and Cloudways. The software simply isn’t ready yet and I don’t want to help develop it. I feel people leaving positive reviews of this software haven’t had to use the bridge yet, which may be necessary for them one day. Additionally, I’m wary of any company that sells good sold “AS IS”. I requested a refund 2 days after my purchase and author REFUSED REFUND stating they offer a trial.

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    Sorry that you had a problem with using the bridge. There are 100’s restore’s happening with the tool and a decent percentage is still using the bridge to get their restore done. I still believe you tried with a wrong documentation. – these are the steps that need to be followed.

    You did reach out to us with the same question before you bought the plugin and we shared on our answers which were acknowledged by you before the purchase. We give a 30-day complete trial for everybody to try the whole scenario and it wouldn’t be fair when all our users abide by the same policy.

    Feel free to mail us back if you decide to give us a try again.

    The bridge doesn’t work for me. I followed the instructions on your website exactly. I have tried numerous times on 3 different hosting platforms (Site5, Inmotion, & Cloudways). It has not successfully restored a site yet. The one time I got it to read the information from my S3 account, the restored site was in shambles. I purchased the software to backup and restore WordPress sites. It doesn’t restore them if the bridge is involved. I don’t know what you mean by, it wouldn’t be fair when all our users abide by the same policy. That makes zero sense to me. If someone else is happy with your plugin, great for them. It simply doesn’t work for me. That seems fair; to whom? As for as getting it to work with support, I shouldn’t have to email tech support and wait a day or two for a response to get a restore working. If it was some small issue I would understand but restoring is a core feature to any backup. This type of software involves some trust and I don’t trust your software as it fails to restore. Holding me hostage, unwilling to refund money two days after purchase reinforces why I shouldn’t trust you or your company as well.

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    As we can see in our backend, before you made the purchase you had the same question for migration. A normal user wouldn’t need to use bridge until the whole site went down. I think you did try the migration and you had few questions before the purchase and we did answer them in a timely manner (in a day). The problem was you installed WPTimeCapsule in the destination site and it created its own table and it couldn’t find the S3 keys. We addressed this issue on your previous request.

    We have the 30-day trial, just so you test the system completely before buying it. In our trial, we encourage everyone to restore their site on staging, so they just don’t take our word for it. And when the same feature didn’t work right when you tried, it would have been highly appreciated if you gave us a chance to look into it. It is completely understandable if you faced a different issue than what you came up with. But you had the same question before you even bought it 🙁

    We can totally understand you need to trust a backup solution and we have done our every bit to gain that trust. Though you didn’t give us an opportunity to work through this, we will do the right thing in this situation and have mailed you in this regard.

    You are correct the first time I did install the plugin before the bridge. More than 20 more times after that though I preformed the steps exactly as stated on your website across multiple sites across multiple hosts. Not once did the bridge work. This was never addressed, you only pointed me to the same documentation I had already used.
    I’m becoming very bitter of this whole ordeal. I wasn’t aware of how bad the functionally of this plugin was before I purchase it. I also wasn’t aware how badly your business practices were either.

    Paying for a developed plugin is something entirely different than paying to have one developed. Restoring a backup shouldn’t be this difficult. I’ve restored sites with many other plugins and never had to rely on the respective companies’ email support to do it.

    Your last paragraph really hits a nerve with me. You have done ZERO to gain trust. When I asked for a refund you refused it even though your own terms of service clearly state you provide unconditional refunds within 14 days of purchase. My refund request was 2 days after purchase. None of that works towards building trust and I don’t think anyone trusts a company that doesn’t even follow its own rules.

    Plugin Author WPTimeCapsule


    Ah yes, you are right. It’s our mistake we had a different version of our terms of service. and to rectify it we have refunded you the complete purchase. Sorry for the trouble caused.

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