• I wanted very much to like this plug-in. The free version and even test set-up seemed so promising. But I’ve been fighting it for several days and can’t get any help from support. Events are duplicating out of nowhere, and if I delete one they both disappear. Other problems too. I wasted $56 and must go looking again. Someone please write a decent event plug-in!!

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    I tried to edit my review and up to 3 stars but can’t seem to.

    This plug-in is okay, fairly flexible, but it has some strange limitations. To change the text on a key button you have to adjust the theme’s functions.php. Wow. It’s easy enough to format text but not event headings. Support is very slow to help. I was excited with it initially but encountered too many frustrations. (It’s not really buggy, as I thought initially.)

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    Well, a heads-up that as of today, 10-2-17, I have to say there is no support for this plug-in at all. I never got a response to any of my queries, and as I look through the list I see others are in the same boat. The last response to a query was in August.

    Fortunately I eventually found solutions to my biggest problems, but there are still some aesthetic changes I would like to make.

    It’s truly a shame, because with a few improvements–especially the ability to easily change the text on key buttons–this could be an outstanding plug-in.

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