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Too buggy

  • Potsky


    The plugin works but :
    – sometimes, when saving, the page, modifications are not saved
    – unable to make [embed] shortcode work to embed youtube videos for example
    – unable to make <div> tag work to embed youtube videos for example

    When the tinymce bar is replaced, all other buttons (added by you theme or by a plugin) are not displayed anymore. Annoying.

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  • Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    Sorry you’re having trouble. Did you report the bug regarding [embed]? It works for me, so perhaps try checking if there’s a theme/plug-in conflict, and then publish a ‘steps to reproduce’ on the forums with the content you enter?

    What modifications aren’t saved?

    The TinyMCE button isn’t compatible with Markdown. Annoying, I know, but TinyMCE alters the content when switching between views.

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