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  • Scott


    I purchased a Standard themes package from Woo and was charged $125. However, I cannot access themes on Woo’s site, nor have I received any message from Woo confirming my purchase or for any other reason.

    Payment glitches happen – I can understand that. But after sending Woo SEVEN messages in the five days after my purchase, I have received NO response. Not an automated message, nothing. Know that you cannot gain access to Woo’s Help forums or paid staff until Woo recognizes your purchase. Woo also offers no phone contacts. So in my case, I am limited to sending pre-sale messages, which are going unanswered.

    Too big, too fast, I suppose. The support is a huge issue for me, so I will no longer purchasing any Woo products. I sincerely hope that they at least refund my payment.

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  • Their service is crap, I have had simular experience with their “help” desk. They are programmers and not customer service people. I have talked to one of their programmers in person about this and he just walked away from me, a real TALENT! Their themes however are worth paying for, it is their paid plugins that do not always work out of the box and their help desk is absent as always on that complaining that they are “backlogged” with their service dept.

    They have an air that they are better then everyone as they do not have to have real jobs and can fleece people on the internet for their good products and then pawn off incomplete pluggins for good money that you need to keep in their ecosystem.

    As far as themes and e-commerce they are one of the best, I have tried all the other ones and will stick with Woo but I HATE the way they treat their paying customers on the service end, if I tried ignoring my customers in the real world or being rude to them i’d be fired or sued. IF they can get their act together they can really go somewhere but I think they are just going for grow fast and burn through people because there will always be more dumb people to give them a shot and they can keep making first-time sales of themes and pluggins till enough people are tired of no service. Hopefully they can grow up and hire a damn person that cares about people in the real world and getting back to people and less about being a “digital tentmaker” hippy like the rest of them.

    Hey jaymanx,

    Sorry to hear you’ve got this impression from us, as it’s completely backwards from what we really are. Do you have a ticket number(s) so I can check in on how you were treated?

    #51513, #51970, these were filed back in March and still have not heard a decent reply and it is July!

    A week or two after each ticket I got emails wanting me to rate your service from your “chief happiness officer” with no regard to the fact that my points were never addressed wanting me to rate my experience. I never got help and only go the standard” visit help files” type links that do not address my issue or the same issues many people are having with those plugins on other web forums with your UPS and CIM plugin. gives me live chat support and it is not on their end as my codes work fine on my other shop sites that are not wp/woo.

    I am not a programer, I buy plugins to save time and integrate solutions and not inherit other problems or have to outsource a programmer to fix glitches, I’ve had better luck with free plugins then some of yours I’ve paid good money for.

    Hi there,

    I see what the issue was.

    That auto reply you got was right during our big update to WooCommerce 2.0. It was sent out to let you know we weren’t ignoring your requests, but that it is taking us a little longer to get to you.

    There was a line of bold text saying if you need further help just reply to this response and your ticket will be sent to our WooCommerce support crew. But we didn’t hear back from you, so our ticket system auto closes tickets with no replies within 5-7 days.

    If you are still having issues with your extensions, please do create a new ticket or create a follow up. Our support team is there to help you sort out the issues.

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