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  • Maximus Saint


    Hello, i’ve recently setup WordPress for my client and having one ridiculous problem which i cannot solve by myself:
    when i go to Post > Add New > Visual TAB;
    and trying to make a line break (start a new line), the space between the lines is like 4 times bigger then it should be.. i’ve tried to fix this through CSS, but that only solves the problem for HTML tab, so as you can see on the screenshot, if i type in HTML tab, the line-space is okay…
    i spend about two hours to find a solution…. please advice!

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  • doc4



    This is the default for WordPress paragraph breaks <p>. What you want is a line break <br />. This is accomplished by using a Shift+Return.

    Maximus Saint


    thanks for the reply doc4!
    ..i guess i’m missing something:
    – this is all what surrounds the text field. and i’ve tried to modify all the classes and id’s – the line-height is still the same..
    are you saying there’s no way to get rid of that 40px line-heights?!!
    …..i mean, who would anybody ever want it to be this way?

    i’ve tried to change p in CSS from normal to like 10px, and yet the paragraph that has been added using the editor (Visual Tab) is way too bigger than the one i’ve made using HTML tab…

    here’s the example of “paragraph” and “address” on the actual page:

    ..guys, i could really use some solution here.. i don’t care about paragraphs, i just need to make the line-height normal!

    Maximus Saint


    i’m very disappointed… :’-(

    You can use Shift + Return (Enter/whatever) when wanting to move down onto the next line.. rather then just return/enter.. as doc4 said..

    Just because line-height is bigger in the editor doesn’t mean it will reflect the same height in the actual page (WordPress handles the admin CSS, your theme handles the actual page showing the content).

    If the problem is what it actually looks like on the page, then that’s a CSS issue with the theme, and we’d need to see the actual page, else anything suggested is simply a best guess…(screenshots really mean very little when it comes to CSS related help).

    Access to the page is access to the stylesheet, and many people that help here have tools that allow them to test changes before posting them here (yes they can test directly on your page without actually changing your code).

    Help us help you, as the saying goes..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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