• its too bad that wordpress and b2evolution cant seem to join efforts.
    you both now have now implemented features that are cool but are missing in the other b2-adaption code.
    b2evolution already has multiple categories per post and referers.
    while here you have added the password per post and the comments locked or open choice.
    but for me as a user this sucks, because i have to decide which way to go…
    how about you guys sit together and work on one code???

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  • Francois was invited to join the WordPress effort. However, he decided to continue working on b2evolution. There’s plenty of room for both efforts. It’s likely that over time, both projects will borrow ideas from each other. We already have plans to add multiple categories, among other things.
    Of course, you still have to decide which software has the features you need the most 🙂

    Searching this site for the keyword “referers” I found this entry, I must say it this feature is very high on my wishlist. I used php-nuke before my switch to wordpress (today) and I really miss the statistics.

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