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  • Raphael


    This plugin perfectly fills the gaps in the WordPress media library. If you have many photos or different types of media, this plugin will be essential to organize and easily find your resources. Asking why it’s not native in WordPress

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  • @raphaelsanchez I haven’t seen any banners about this plugin, that sounds weird.

    Why are you forced to uninstall it if it’s only a banner (and bug in not having a close button or so?). It’s a super useful plugin and the dev seems to fix things quickly.

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    You’re right @ghte34yhd. I take back what I said. The error came from a script that I enqueue on the wrong hook. I don’t know why but it caused a conflict. I review my note and my comment. This plugin is realy fantastic. It perfectly fills the gaps in the wordpress media library. A must have for all my projects

    Great to hear that @raphaelsanchez! I’m too amazed how smoothly it works, and for the price it’s unbeatable. I whish there would be “Replace media” button included in the future.

    Plugin Author Codeer


    @raphaelsanchez Thank you so much for your review! Happy to hear that you could resolve the issue you were facing. Well done!

    @ghte34yhd I am curious about your feature request: Could you elaborate in more detail what you mean by a “Replace media” button?

    @codeer I mean when we
    1. upload image-01.jpg to WordPress Media library
    2. make changes to the same image in Photoshop
    3. export the image as image-01.jpg from Photoshop
    4. upload the image to the WP media library
    5. the image won’t get updated since it uses the same name

    Shortpixel has Replace Media plugin:

    And this sums it up:
    A free, lightweight and easy to use plugin that allows you to seamlessly replace an image or file in your Media Library by uploading a new file in its place. No more deleting, renaming and re-uploading files!

    Would be great to have this in Happy Files (single plugin to handle them all)

    Plugin Author Codeer


    @ghte34yhd Got it. Great idea, which actually has already been suggested (“Replace media button”):

    Feel free to add the details you have mentioned as a comment. The more upvotes an idea gets the more likely it is it goes into the actual product 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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