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  • Hi,
    Thanks for the excellent plugin. It’s truly a joy to work with. One feature which would make it even more excellent would be if the forecast for today/current day would do a check if the current city time is past sunset until midnight and then replace “Today” with “Tonight”. Would be logical since Open Weather Map displays min and max temperatures for the remainder of the day and not for the whole day from the start. If sun sets after midnight as it does in a few places in the summer “Tonight” wouldn’t make any sense, so that would need another check if it should work under all circumstances. Again, thanks for all your great work.

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  • I have reconsidered my idea from the post above. The correct way to represent tonight is not in relation to sunset but to use the set time of 6PM. A good compromise would be to set a time of day value, “today” or “tonight”, which will change from today to tonight when the lastupdate value (see,th&mode=xml&units=metric is from 5PM local time to midnight. The reason for 5PM and not 6PM is to minimize the display of night time icons when the time of day value is still “today” (whenever the sun sets before 6PM). Displaying “tonight” if the sunset is later in the evening is not a problem since its a forecast.

    The forecast for today is shown by the first day of,th&mode=xml&units=metric&cnt=7. Unfortunately Open weather map does not give high and low temperatures for the current day in the correct way, since these values are in fact changing over the course of the day. The forecast max temperature is constantly dropping as the day draws nearer the end when it equals the min temperature and the night temperature. Because of this scenario having a time of day value with today and tonight would be a useful way to take advantage of the way Open weather map provides the forecast for the current day.

    I hope I made myself clear!

    Oh I just realized that there is a flaw in the Open weather map seven day forecast. Since it only has GMT time the current day forecast will show yesterday’s date and weather values between midnight and 7 am in Bangkok when GMT catches up to the actual day in Bangkok. Bummer. So a working forecast for the current day seems overly complicated at the moment.

    To see an example of the consequences of this flaw visit the normal Bangkok forecast webpage: At the moment December 09 is displaying under “next days” although it is currently 4 am on December 10 in Bangkok.

    If I understand correctly the plugin retrives today’s max and min temperatures from the first interval of the three-hour forecasts. So those values will also change over the course of the day.

    And also see how the curve displays the peak daily temperature of 36.6 degrees in Bangkok on December 10 at 7 am, which in fact is 2 pm in Bangkok.

    Plugin Author rainbowgeek


    Thanks for your feedbacks.

    I will look into it and return to you asap.

    But I can not guarantee you anything.

    Have you checked over at the owm developers forum? There is growing list of bugs being reported but noone from owm is adressing them in the forum. It’s been like that for quite a while now and perhaps it’s a good idea for you to wait to address this issue since the api needs updating and fixing and it is not certain that development is taking place at the moment. There was someone in the owm forum addressing the issue with the forecast for today, but it was quite some time ago. Thank you for all your work creating the great plugin and hopefully the api development will pick up again since it’s such a great thing with open weather data.

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