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  • I hope someone here can shed a little light on this problem for me.

    I have an existing website written in java, I cant change that, or the fact that the server being used is Apache Tomcat/7.0.29

    The folder structure is as follows:
    Root (which has all the jsp’s inside it) and then WordPress inside the Root.

    Inside the WordPress folder I have added the folders neccessary to get caucho to run, which is necessary for the php to work inside Tomcat.

    If I goto localhost/mysite I get the java portion of the site, and if I goto localhost/mysite/wordpress I get the WordPress portion.

    My issue is this, WordPress installs and runs as expected until I try to use anything other than the default permalink structure, ie /?page_id=123.
    As soon as I try use a custom (or any other option) permalink Tomcat throws 404 errors. NOTE thats Tomcat throwing the 404 and NOT WordPress. If I set custom permalinks as /%postname%/ and then try get to example-page, the url is displayed as localhost/mysite/wordpress/example-page, but I still get the 404 from Tomcat.

    If my understanding is correct, this means that the .htaccess file is doing its job of redirecting the url to the correct address, but because Tomcat does not use mod_rewrite it is not able to translate the url to the correct address ie: ?page_id=123.

    Please help me here, Ive been trying to fix this and have been going around in circles for the last few days… its super frustrating.

    Any help you can give, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated.

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