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  1. df9517
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Edit: Anyone knows any forum for the Japanese wordpress community?

    Hello WordPress community,

    I represent YCN which stands for youth chamber network. The network is intended for Swedes in Japan and Japanese people with Swedish interests. YCN is 10 years old and presently holds about 300-400 members.


    We already have a beautifully designed homepage. But since it is a traditional html site it is quite boring and not very dynamic. We have now decided to turn it into a wordpress-blog style. The criteria is however, not to alter with present design of the present start page (as much as possible).

    To change the present YCN web page have for us proven to be both difficult and too time consuming. We now give it a shot to ask the community in WordPress to help us. Since we are a non profitable socity we can not pay any money but as a reward we are pleased to put your logo on our page for some months and of course give you credit in the foot or so. And if you live in Tokyo and show up on our events I will personally by you free beer :D.

    The Job:
    - Make a wordpress theme from our present design http://www.ycn.net
    - the design does not need to be 100% same. If something chokes, its okay.
    - Make it widget supported
    - the design including background, top flash picture, colours and fonts should be kept as far as possible.

    If you can help, please email me at df9517@gmail.com

    Sincerely yours,
    Daniel Andersson

  2. df9517
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I found a wordpress forum in japan. Seems to be rather active: http://phpbb.xwd.jp/

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