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  • Hi, I have same problem. Did you find some solution?

    Thank you

    Hi, unfortunately not. I did contact Paymills support directly as well and gotten below feedback:

    <start quote> Token not found” happens very often, when you’re using a onepagecheckout. Can it be that you’re using this?
    The API-call, which triggers the transaction on our side, always needs the token from the bridge (where the credit card data is stored). Without this token, it is not working. Usually the checkout works in two steps for us:

    Step 1: Creating a token with the Bridge
    Step 2: Sending an API Call to our servers to create transaction

    When Step 1 and Step 2 are on the same page, like you’re entering the Cc data without clicking forward or so, it always happens that the API-Call happen without the token first.

    Possible solution:
    Please check out your plugins. Every plugin that affects your checkout can be the issuer.
    Please note, this can also be the template!
    <end quote>

    I did disable all plugins but the issue persisted, on the second try a week later the page now keeps reloading and not moving forward at all.

    Hi 🙂

    I’m using own onepage cart & checkout template and I think I found a solution. I’ll send it here after some testing.. tomorrow or in few days..

    If you have standard woocommerce cart and checkout templates you could send me your website url. I’ll try to find where is the problem 🙂


    Hi thanks for the feedback. Would be interested to hear what caused the problem on your site. I’ve tried to replicate the issue on my development site with the same plugins and theme, as well as turning off/on plugins one-by-one on my main site.

    However the paymill plugin did work on my development site byt not on my main site ( using the Atahualpa Theme). For now I have disabled the paymill plugin. If you have any suggestions where to look that would be appreciated.

    I will be moving to a new theme later this year but would be good to understand what causes this.

    Hi 🙂

    Please add me on:

    skype dzizis.crust
    facebook FB

    We can solving it in realtime 🙂

    Hello. It’s javascript problem at all. On one website I solved it by editing paymill javascript code but that problem can be caused by other javascripts too – as on the other one website in my administration. Is necessary to solve and test it on the specific case.

    Thanks, have been on holidays…and I’ve just moved to a new WP theme. I will be checking over the next week if the issue with the Paymill plugin persist and will look at the Java script.

    I’ve removed now a few plugins and added a few others with this new theme so will check if it persists or not. I’ll give you a ping skype/fb.


    Ok. Enjoy your holiday 🙂


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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