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  • Hey, first off: great plugin!

    I got question, on your sample page ( one is able to toggle the titles open and in the different topics toggle your examples – therefore you kind of interlaced/pyramided them (don’t know the exact word in english for it).

    However, you do not document how to do that anywhere, and my first idea was just to use [toggler1][toggler2][/toggler][/toggler] (not actual code, just to show what I meant), where normally it should recognize that one is for closing the outer and one the inner toggling. But toggler does not do that, he just closes the first and therefore completely annihaltes any content included in the inner one (and displays the 2nd [/toggler] as text because he thinks there is no opening).

    It is very important for my site that I’m able to do this and seeing as it works on your sample page I don’t see why it shouldn’t. Would be greatly appreciated if you could clear things up! Thank you!!

    [bump moderated – possibly add some more information, for instance the results of your own trials…]

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  • Sorry for the bumping, but there is no more information to add. I just won’t get it to work and would need some information from the creator.

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