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  • Resolved Boris


    I’m trying to add custom icons for “show” and “hide”, but I can’t get it to work.

    I’ve followed the steps on at “Add your own icon”, to no avail. What I’ve tried:

    • Uploaded two PNG files, provided titles (not filenames) and toggler icon info: “information-show” and “information-hide”
    • Shortcode in the post:
    [toggler role=”switch” connector=”icon-1″ icon=”information-show” inline=”yes”]
    [toggler role=”target” connector=”icon-1″ icon=”information-hide” inline=”yes”]
    • I also tried adding the image paths between the icon=”” quotes and added the image path between opening and closing brackets. This last part works actually for the show button, but not for the hide button as it does not replace the show icon (show icon remains in place, hide icon is simply shown with the target content).

    Does anyone have an idea what mistake I’m making here? Using the lastest versions of both Toggler and WP.

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  • scarbee



    I can not make it work either…

    any solution?



    I haven’t been able to get it to work. I switched to the Artiss Content Reveal plugin. I got that one working just fine.

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