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  • How can I “toggle” between the Theme Manji and LetterHead?
    Right now I can go from LetterHead to Manji, Rin, Classic
    but I can’t go back using theme-switcher. Thanks

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  • Have you included the theme-switcher call in all of the sidebars? You have to have it on each theme in order to “toggle”….

    where can we find more info on the theme switcher? Is it a plugin for WP? And if so, where can we get it? Thanks

    vkaryl, i don’t remember doing it for LetterHead because I wouldn’t know how to. I just put it (theme-switcher.php)in my plugins folder. How would you do it?

    Hi -joe…. here’s the code I use in my themes:

    <li id="themes"> <h2><br /><br /><?php _e('Themes'); ?></h2> <?php if (function_exists('wp_theme_switcher')) { ?> <?php wp_theme_switcher('dropdown'); ?> <?php } ?>

    That goes into the sidebar coding wherever you want the switcher to show. If you don’t want the dropdown, this is the code to use:

    <li id="themes"> <h2><br /><br /><?php _e('Themes'); ?></h2> <?php if (function_exists('wp_theme_switcher')) { ?> <?php wp_theme_switcher(''); ?> <?php } ?>

    Some themes come with this bit of code already “planted” in the sidebar, which may be why you’re experiencing this situation….

    vkaryl, It won’t work in manji cause there’s no sidebar but it work in Rin except there’s no heading, but I’ll make one when i figure it out. Thanks

    Well, you can actually put that code wherever you need it, you might need to remove the li tagset around it if you put it in the header or footer….

    Moderator James Huff


    Joe, you could add it to Manji’s Footer Template. Just enter this before the credits’ closing </p> tag:

    Themes: <?php if (function_exists('wp_theme_switcher')) { ?> <?php wp_theme_switcher('dropdown'); ?> <?php } ?>

    macmanx, now you tell me 😉
    what I did was use Rin and and this to get rid of that extra spacer bar –thanks I will try it the manji theme next

    <div id=”sidebar”>

    • <h2><?php _e(‘click for other theme’); ?></h2>
      <li id=”themes”></h2><?php if (function_exists(‘wp_theme_switcher’)) { ?> <?php wp_theme_switcher(”); ?> <?php } ?>
    • <?php wp_list_pages(‘title_li=<h2>’ . __(‘Pages’) . ‘</h2>’ ); ?>

    • <h2><?php _e(‘Categories’); ?></h2>

    Yes, macmanx is right on there…. I haven’t any background with either Rin or Manji, but you really can always put the switcher code wherever you want it to appear.

    It doesn’t have to be in list tags at all, a paragraph tagset will work, or even just “bare” in a div depending on the theme….

    macmax, Thank you and thanks for stating it like this:
    [Just enter this before the credits’ closing tag:]
    I tossed out classic and default and I’m left with LetterHead manji and rin. Probably end up with two.

    vkaryl, thanks for your help. I don’t exactly know what this means [It doesn’t have to be in list tags at all, a paragraph tagset will work, or even just “bare” in a div depending on the theme….] but I will check into it.

    if i have a different ? do I start another topic?

    Moderator James Huff


    I’m glad that it worked out for you. And, yes, starting a new topic for each separate question is usually the best thing do.

    Basically, vkaryl was just saying that you don’t have to include it in <li></li> tags (like her sidebar suggestion). You can also add it inside <p></p> (such as you have done in Manji’s footer), or even <div></div> tags (yet another impossibility). In all honesty, you can put that PHP call wherever you want inside your theme.

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