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    The Today’s events widget appears at the bottom of the calendar page.
    It does NOT display any of the events in the categories defined in the widget.
    It only displays the current date which I’ve defined as the title.
    Here is my widget definition:
    Title: {date}
    Template: {timerange after=”, } – {link_title}

    Show this text if there are no events today: <span style=”font-size: 16px”>No Special Events Today</span>

    Category or categories to display: 1, 5, 6, 13, 15, 20

    All other boxes are blank

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    On exploration, I think that this is a bug that occurs if no category is set as your ‘Holiday’ category; can you define a category as your holiday category and let me know if that changes things?

    Thanks for your quick response, Joe. I do have a Holiday category.
    This has been working for years. Could it be a conflict with another plugin, like WPForms? There was a recent update to that one. H

    1. I disabled WPForms and there was no change in the calendar widget result, still just the title (date).

    2. I tried Event Filters (using Categories) widget and it still works.

    3. I tried the short code on a test page and in a widget.
    [my_calendar_today category=”20” fallback=”Nothing today!” template=”{title} {date}” date=””]
    It’s the sample code from the manual.
    Here’s what displayed on the web page:

    There was an event in Category 20 coming up which wasn’t in a list. I’m surprised that I didn’t see the entire fallback message. However, I may have needed more parameters.

    Thanks for checking it. H

    Hi Joe, I did some more looking for clues on this one.
    Last night I generated this shortcode on the generate shortcode page.
    [my_calendar_today category=”1, 5, 6, 13, 15, 20″ fallback=”nothing new today” template=”abcd206b575b82d604522ca7bf01021f”]

    I didn’t do anything else. It didn’t work last night. However, my regular today’s events widget did have some events. Today the shortcode generated code and the widget generated today’s events are working the same way. Here’s what I noticed.
    An event that was supposed to start at 1 PM dropped off at 11 AM.
    I checked the time zones, etc. Where else can I look? this seems like a big CLUE.
    thanks, H

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Is your WordPress timezone an offset (e.g. UTC-5) or a named location (e.g. Montevideo)? That changes whether daylight savings time is addressed or not, although it wouldn’t cause a 2 hour difference.

    Our WordPress timezone is New York.
    Universal time (UTC) is 2019-08-08 18:47:18.
    Local time is 2019-08-08 14:47:18.
    This timezone is currently in daylight saving time.

    The dropped off event at 11 started at 1 and ended at 2 so that would be a 3 hour difference from the end time. That would be Pacific Time.

    Is there another time field I can look into? thanks for your time and interest here, Joe. H

    It has something to do with when the today’s events function determines when to drop the event because it is past the end time.

    An event that was to end at 5:30 dropped off at 1:30.
    I just changed it to end at 7:15 and it appeared, then dropped off at 3:15.
    Looks like it was a 4 hour difference not 3 as I thought earlier.
    Same with 7:20. Event is listed before 3:20 but not after.
    I can reproduce the problem consistently.

    Any ideas? thanks, H

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Well, that’s the difference between UTC and your local timezone, so that’s probably connected. Are you running the latest release?

    myCalendar 3.1.12, Joe WordPress 5.1.2

    Sorry. WordPress 5.2.2 H

    It sounds like something is using the Local Time as UTC Time and then your today calendar uses that incorrect UTC time to get New York time as the end-time of each event, hence the extra 4 hours. I’m sure you figured this out already. If you cannot reproduce this on your system, it must be some plugin that I’m using.

    Joe, If I can’t find where this is happening, is there a different parameter I can use in the today calendar so that it just publishes the events of the day in the categories I choose but does NOT drop them off? I’m using: {timerange after=”, } – {link_title}

    Thanks for your help. H
    BTW: I upgraded My-calendar to 3.1.13 yesterday

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    I haven’t been able to reproduce this in my own environment, so I’m not sure exactly what’s going on.

    Can you tell me what versions of PHP and MySQL are running on your site? You can get that information on the “Help” screen in My Calendar.

    PHP 7.2.13
    DB Version 8.0.13 I don’t see mySQL

    ==Active Plugins:==
    Catch IDs: 1.8;
    Classic Editor: 1.5;
    Disable Comments: 1.10.2;
    Envira Gallery:;
    Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights: 7.7.1;
    My Calendar: 3.1.13;
    Really Simple SSL: 3.2.3;
    Really Simple SSL pro: 2.1.3;
    Search Exclude: 1.2.2;
    SendGrid: 1.11.8;
    Simple Access Control: 1.6.0;
    Simple Sitemap: 3.3;
    Smart Slider 3: 3.3.21;
    TablePress: 1.9.2;
    TablePress Extension: Responsive Tables: 1.5;
    Theme My Login: 7.0.14;
    Theme My Login Redirection: 1.0.3;
    UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore:;
    Wordfence Security: 7.3.6;

    PHP 7.2.13
    DB Version 8.0.13 I don’t see mySQL

    I included our list of plugins but the post was held for moderation.

    I refreshed the My Calendar Settings page at 10:58 am. In the Date/Time Section of the Settings page, the Time Format shows the example for my format as 10:58 am. Does this section use a different algorithm to determine the current time as the My Calendar Today’s Events widget code uses when it compares the endtime with the current time?
    Is there some debug statement I can put somewhere to home in on the cause of the problem?

    thanks, Joe.

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