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    Hi there,

    Just setting up your booking plugin (looks great by the way!), but for some reason the “TODAY” button is greyed out/disabled, even when the calendar is showing a different day. Clicking on the button does nothing.

    Your help would be much appreciated.



    P.S. tried emailing you at but got the following message: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable invalid DNS MX or A/AAAA resource record

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  • Plugin Author yoancutillas


    Hello Neil,
    Is today’s day visible when you navigate though the calendar?
    Can you give me the URL of the page where the calendar is displayed?

    The mailbox seems to work fine now, there may have been a temporary error, thanks for reporting.

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Looking at the issue again, I can clarify the following:

    TODAY button does work if in WEEK or MONTH view.

    TODAY button doesn’t work if in DAY view, even if the day you are viewing is NOT today.

    I would expect the TODAY button to work in DAY view, unless the day actually is today.

    This may be a feature of the coding, but if it’s not, I can arrange for admin access to the site for you (it’s hidden from public view currently).

    Plugin Author yoancutillas


    That is the way it works,
    But today’s day must be visible. If today’s day isn’t accessible, the “today” button won’t work. For example, on that page, the calendar starts in 2036, so the “Today” button doesn’t work. But on that page, today’s day is visible, so it works.

    If it is not working for you, can you follow the instructions below “Booking Activities doesn’t work as it should” here:
    in order to make sure that this problem isn’t caused by a third party plugin / theme?

    But today’s day must be visible

    > if that is the case, the Today Button has little to no use. A Today Button is designed to jump back to Today, wherever you are in a calendar. If Today is visible in the current View, then you just click on today, you don’t need a Today button. But if you have navigated to a few months in the future and you want to quickly go back to Today, then you need such a button to work.

    The TODAY button on every other site I’ve used always takes you back to TODAY, no matter where in the calendar you are. Can I therefore suggest that the TODAY button behaviour is changed to reflect the widely accepted functionality that it should have. @puregraphx has also mentioned the generally accepted button behaviour in this thread.

    Plugin Author yoancutillas


    Well, unless I misunderstand something, it already works as you describe it.

    Can you please test it here:

    and describe both “the current behaviour is…” and “the expected behaviour is…” so I can understand the difference?

    Hello again.

    The test version works as I would expect it to work: the TODAY button moves the calendar to a position where you can see today’s date.

    On my site, the TODAY button doesn’t do anything if viewing DAYs, but does work as expected when looking at the calendar in WEEK or MONTH view. For example, if I am looking at Dec 11 2020 in DAY mode, and I click on the TODAY button, nothing happens, and the calendar remains at Dec 11 2020, rather than displaying 30 Nov 2020.

    HOWEVER, I think I have found the issue: the “Trim Empty Days” option was set on the Calendar. So if there is no activity available today, then the TODAY button would not “jump” to TODAY.

    Plugin Author yoancutillas


    Yes, basically, if today’s view cannot be accessed with the navigation arrows “<” and “>”, it cannot be accessed via the “Today” button either.

    Sorry for this misunderstanding.

    No worries. All is good now. I’ll close this ticket. Thank you.

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