• The plugin started conflicting with TimThumb and stopping the load of thumbnails. Then it started returning errors after the latest update. The error was just “error” not error loading anything, 404, nothing just error. Then it locked me out with “error”.

    Disabled the plugin via FTP by renaming the folder. I was able to login but then the backup it gave me at the start of everything was unusable because I wasn’t able to use the plugin to restore it, as it would ‘error’ if it was reactivated.

    Now I couldn’t edit anything or I would get locked out. This is after the plugin was uninstalled.

    To have my hosting company restore everything back to 11 days ago before I installed the plugin cost me $150.

    In theory the plugin is great, simple to use, and has all the tools you need. It just totally conflicted with something, my theme, another plugin, my name, hair color, something.

    If you are going to use the plugin, get a good backup from another plugin of your entire site including the database, just in case.

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