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  1. Chris Dill
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Simple question. I entered my blog into Technorati, and all the webmaster tools as http://smartbserver.net

    My site resolves at http://www.smartbserver.net

    Any attempt to not type the www and the browser adds it. I have tried to change this both from wordpress admin, and under my hosting provider, which has a redirect feature (DreamHost). Any changes i made brought my site offline in a redirect loop.

    Will this affect my search visibility?

    Anyone work with dreamhost and know how to change it?

  2. If http://smartbserver.net is redirected to http://www.smartbserver.net then you probably have something in your .htaccess or other server settings to force that. Check your .htaccess or ask your host if you can turn off forcing the www. THEN you can change it on WordPress.

    Personally I use non-www to make it shorter.

  3. Chris Dill
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I fixed it, by changing both the WP Admin and my hosting to point to no www, which is what I was aiming at. Of course my search statistics I think are messed up now. I cleaned out my WP Super Cache as well, hope I didn't much it up.

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