To WP team - uploading and working with media is BIG PAIN, do something please! (1 post)

  1. PavelCZ1982
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi to all,

    I am using WP for a year and it is good in many fields, that is for sure, but the biggest problems always appear with pictures.

    There are two issues, which is for me UNDERSTANDABLE that they are not solved in better way after years of WP development!

    1. Uploading of pictures via FTP - the user does not have any option to put the pictures into WP unless he is using media uploader. This is slow and not the best solution. I see uploading via FTP as the best way for many users. In 21. century of SW products I expect to connect throught FTP, move files quickly to particural directory, then open WP and see my pictures so I can work with them... WHY THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE ???

    What I suggest: incorporate into WP logic which will notice new pictures
    in particular directory and import them automatically (or on click) into media library, or the best way is to give user chance to browse through particular directory and choose picture from there, not from media library.

    2. Categorization of media - media library is the most useless thing in WP from my point of view. All pictures are all "on a pile" without any chance to say that some pictures are "from holiday in Africa", "logos", "PDF templates","presentations" etc... This is may be even worse thing then point one above. Media library in current state is useless in terms of using WP for large blogs or just private page where I want to post stories and pictures from holiday, because working with hundreds of pictures with no categorization IS PAIN and completely NO SENSE.

    What I suggest: put the category (same as for posts) to media library and let user to choose during uploading process appropriate category for those media. (Or if you solve point one above, then no categorization is needed, because user can create his own structure of media via FTP)

    My words in this ticket might look angry, so I am sorry for that, because in fact WP is the best CMS I ever worked with, but always when I get in touch with media, it is on the other hand the worst expererience ever.

    Thanks in advance to WP team for incorporating some changes! It will make your product more attractive and the most important MORE USABLE!


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