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  • I saw that I needed to update and I emailed the guy who sold me the template and I am copying his response and I am concerned that not updating will cause me problems in the future (read response and please advise): Updating wordpress may break functionality of the theme we developed as it has been tested for the latest version. We can update it for you or give you the ability to do so. If we do it we will fix it if we break it , if we give you the ability to do so we do not offer free support for client run changes or alterations to the core files. Unless the new wordpress update provides some needed functionality it is perfectly fine to run an older version of wordpress. We have clients running a fully functioning website and CMS system through older versions of wordpress.
    We have other clients who have updated to newer versions and have had to revert it back because we did a lot of customizations to the core files that gets over written during an update and they had to pay us to fix.
    Your site does not have any crazy customizations so updating does not pose a significant risk however I did want to let you know what can happen.

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  • Your developer is an idiot.

    Moderator cubecolour


    I would disagree with the statement that it is fine to run an old version of WordPress. An old version may expose you to security issues which have been discovered & patched in a later version.

    Thanks for jumping in, cubecolour — I was a little too blunt there, and I should’ve explained further. (Need more caffeine!)

    It’s not fine to run old versions of WordPress.

    Furthermore, it’s really not fine to hack core (ever!), still less to blame your clients for the damage afterwards. And it’s not okay to not give your clients access to manage their own sites: while I have no issue at all with them offering to manage updates as a service, YOU own your site and should always be given admin rights to your own property.

    Ask them for access, and then keep your site updated from now on. And if you go back to these guys for further work, insist that they do NO core customizations (they should be building plugins for all their custom functionality work) and that they clarify their site access and management procedures in their contract up-front.

    Ok, that is was I thought, I have had trouble from the start. I have another word press site and I went to these guys to save me time in starting a second one for my husband, but they are costing me time every week. I am afraid if I dump them, they will do something to my site, how do I lock them out when he has maintained control over admin stuff?

    I think I need to clarify what I said before, I paid for a template, got a template, I gave them all the content, they plugged it in (I already knew how to do that and was willing to do it myself) now that I want to take over (they have been paid for the template) They are hosting for an unreasonable amount a month with no tech support. There was no contract, and I have all the emails to prove all I wanted was a template and control over it myself. I thought the template would save me time. They have maintained control over admin stuff, and I just sent an email explaining I want complete control (again) and a new host I am afraid that they may do something to my site and I want to lock them out after I get the cpanel. Can I protect my site?

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    Are you paying for the hosting? If so, you have access to the database and files, and you can reset the admin password, change the email, and punt them out.

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