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  • Look here:
    Under the add you can see that it is a big white space with nothing in it, how do i move the articles up so i dont get all that free space there?
    The space was there before i added the add there so thats not why..

    How do i remove the free space at the top of the main page?

    Thank you so much for answers..

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  • What browser? I don’t see any space in Firefox.

    You most have checked just in the second i moved the banner code from header.php to index.php to test something… becaus i cheked now and the spce was there in opera, ie and firefox…

    I now have the add in the index.php file, that is becaus then the menu dont move, but i stil got the free space that i dont want. how do i remove it?

    I have now managed to change it a little bit, and it looks a lot better. But it is stil a little white space over the add, how do i remove it???

    Guess you did remove the extraneous space by now. It looks fine to me ( in Firefox ).

    Nope, are you sure you dont see it?
    I want the add to be just under the main menu ( HJEL | DISKUTER | GALLERI) – NO space!
    I can see it in my firefox…

    btw: Have you tried Opera? it is a lot better browser, the worlds fastest, very safe, cool design, you can change the design as you like to (move buttons etc.) and it can speak 🙂 it can read text for you and you can order it do do stuff.. You should realy try it:

    Ah – okey. I think it’s nice with a little space.
    So you don’t want *any* space at all.
    I’ll try to give it a harder look. It must have to do with the stylesheet for your theme.
    I,ll be back, although it’s sleeping time soon on my planet.

    Well! Maybe the reason is that your theme delivers rather strange HTML. Right after the ad section you have an extra </head> then comes the meta tags for keywords and description and after that you seem to end the generated document with </body></html>

    After this point comes the posts. This is not valid html or xhtml and the browser will be kind enough to do its best.

    I think before you try to tamper with the CSS rules for the ad class you should clean up the act of your theme.

    The ad is within the <div class=”content”>, but should have its own class or id (id=”ads”) so that you can give it some CSS rules in your stylesheet ( /wp-content/themes/blix/style.css )

    Good hunting!
    By the way – look out for what the ad service at sends you. Hopefully not complete html pages.

    Try using to chase the bogeys. Validation is your friend….

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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