• Hi, I am considering installing wordpress on my school site however i am getting confused as to whether to install wordpress or wordpress mu. I was considering the following scenarios:
    1)1 blog but multiple categories…one per athletic team.
    2) multiple blogs but one database – i think you can do this
    or 3) use wordpress mu.

    I would like to administer all the blogs but the coach of a team would like to be able to post to their own team blog. Say I have 20 teams…under scenario 1, I think it would work but each coach could actually post (author) to any category, correct???? likewise any coach could publish a comment sent by a contributor. Under scenario 2, each coach could post and moderate their own blog but would I be able to easily administer 20 blogs at once or do I do each one separately. Under scenario 3, each blog is independent..are there tools for me as a central administrator???

    Any comments or help would be appreciated!

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  • The simplest answer I could give is: go with scenario 3, because it gives you the most power and flexibility.

    Scenario 1 is asking for trouble, for the reasons you yourself surmised, and others.

    Scenario 2 is just wasteful, unless you find one of the “third party” solutions mentioned elsewhere on this site’s documentation area to be to your liking — but then you will have to be inclined to modify a few php files, and administration will be more cumbersome if you ever plan on changing/expanding/upgrading.

    So go with MU, and read the installation and readme files carefully to determine how you want to control the creation of new blogs. You may need to play around a little to figure out what you need — make sure you keep a notepad handy to jot down which setting(s) you change (including which menu/submenu they’re in) and what the effects were so you don’t get confused. If you proceed methodically, you should be up and running in half a day.




    Actually if all you’re doing is 20 blogs, mu would probably be over kill. There is a multi site hack that may work better for you.

    Thank you all for your input….I’ve gone ahead with mu and everything is working fine!

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