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  • I saw the post from a while back were the question was asked. “how to change the font and font size in the txt editor”. Your reply is below. I don’t know were to find the theme’s functions.php file. I am a fairly new newbe to WordPress.
    Plonk this is your theme’s functions.php

    After the very top <?php, create a new line and paste the following code in, then save.

    add_action( ‘admin_print_styles-post.php’, ‘my_admin_css’ );
    add_action( ‘admin_print_styles-post-new.php’, ‘my_admin_css’ );
    function my_admin_css() {
    <style type=”text/css”>
    #editorcontainer textarea#content { font-size:130%!important }

    The function will print out the additional CSS on the pages where you write posts only (so it’s not loading on every admin page), and applies a font size increase … adjust as required..

    Hope that helps..

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  • How about a good size screen and ‘ctl +’ (zoom) in a modern browser?

    This could be read from accross the street on a 36″ screen:

    It’s doubtful that mark or t31os will respond since they won’t know this post is here. Your post title isn’t very helpful either.

    Since you’re new to WordPress and I presume these forums, take some time to read how to properly post here:

    As for your question, perform a search up there top right. Just type in functions.php. Alternatively, try WordPress+functions.php at Google.

    WPRanger, yes I am new to the WordPress forum but not to forums in general. My spelling and grammar aren’t very good do to dyslexia. I use spell check a lot on Google.


    WPRanger, I looked up fuctions.php anf found Codex > Functions File Explained: In it I found “One way to change the default behaviors of WordPress is using a file named functions.php. It goes in your Theme’s folder” I don’t know were the theme’s folder is. Given enough time I can find it. But it would help me if you could please tell me were it is.


    Look in the root of your WordPress installation. It’s inside wp-content/themes/<your theme>

    I will simply reiterate here now what I originally tried to say; use a
    modern browser with a large format screen and you can read the text from
    across the street.

    BTW, do the folks who run this forum know that a quirk exists when spell-check is used (first and last words will not spell check) when your pre-post wrap functions are in use?

    We are all using modern browsers>Yes?



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    there are generally two ways to edit files in a WordPress theme:

    – via the build in editor under dashboard – appearance – editor
    – via FTP and a text editor or similar.

    I have MicroSoft Word. So I can write my story’s in MicroSoft Word on my laptop, change the fonts and font sizes to my liking, correct the spelling and grammar then upload the finished story file? Or just past the story into the post box and WordPress will except what I typed in MS Word without squawking?


    I would recommend that you not use a Rich Text Editor or Word Processor such as MS Word for posts. These tend to have many and varying hidden characters that are used for formatting and will mangle WP. Use a Plain Text Editor if you want to pre write. Also, this topic and many you have asked of late are well covered in a Search above^. It is also imperative to never edit a WP file with a Rich Text Editor or Word Processor.

    What you can do is use Windows Live Writer for posting and NotePad++ for editing WP files.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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