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  • Hi!

    First – after 2 days of research i found the best plugin for my tags 🙂
    But i have a problem.

    I have over 1 600 tags and it is not possible to show them all in one page. When i call the page it takes 3 minutes to load !!!

    How can i limit the hole number of tags and show them in mor pages with a pagination? For example the first site begins with A and shows up 100 tags for example and in the next page it goes ahead the same way…. til page 16. it can bee only one columm no matter

    Hope this is possible

    Thank you so much for your help

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  • Plugin Author tugbucket


    You can this method:

    This was done to use the navigation option. When the page initially loads, It only shows “A”. When you click a letter, it reloads the page only showing the clicked letter.

    /* ===== create the navigation ===== */
    		if($show_navigation == "yes" && $show_categories == "yes"){
    			$showCatNav = 1;
    			$list .= '<div id="mcTagMapNav">'."\n";
    			foreach( array_keys($groups) as $fl ) {
    				$list .= '<a href="?mctm='.$fl.'">'.$fl.'</a>'."\n";
    			$list .= '</div>'."\n";

    Notice that this works only if show_navigation AND show_categories are set to ‘yes’ If you are working with tags not categories, you will need to change that.

    This was also only done to be set up with the ‘basic’ option, so near the bottom you will see:
    if(isset($_GET['mctm']) && !empty($_GET['mctm'])){

    That if else takes the selected tag, if nothing is selected (ie, the page on first load) it automatically selects “A”

    This isn’t pagination but, it is a different way that seems to suit your end needs.


    Thank you for your quick response. I only use tags – or better, i only will show up my tags!

    I copied the code from pastebin and put in to the empty mctagmap_functions.php and upload it to my server.

    Nothing changed.

    I changed both settings to:
    “show_navigation” => “yes”,
    “show_categories” => “yes”,

    and it showed me only my categories…

    I dont understand the part with the tags??
    and ?? if(isset($_GET[‘mctm’]) && !empty($_GET[‘mctm’])){

    I use the Shortcode Installation Example from here:

    thank you

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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