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    My client has a product where he has too many options as a variation to save. This is a service for product listings.

    Main service: Product Listing design

    Additional upsell through swatches:

    1. Number of listing photos [3 possibilities] +€25 per upgrade
    2. Product listing Holiday photos [3 possibilities] +€25 per upgrade
    3. Product listing translation [3 possibilities] +€50 per upgrade
    4. Product variant [3 possibilities] +€50 per upgrade
    5. Product variant coloring [3 possibilities] +€40 per upgrade
    6. Social proof listing photo [1 possibility] +€25 per upgrade
    7. Extended lifestyle photo [3 possibilities] +€25 per upgrade

    Now it seems like a simple task, but turns out to be a hefty task. Hopefully there is someone what can help me with this! If I enter it as in the screenshot, the variation only grabs the above ‘Number of listing photos’ upsell swatches and does not offset the rest!

    Image 1: https://gyazo.com/b9543137d51bd65904b1b62bb9606472

    Image 2: https://gyazo.com/1be850eb8c82968a93c02a2242d7a24d

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    No reply?

    Igor H



    Apologies for the delay in responding, we are receiving an unusual high ticket volume on our queues.

    I understand you would like to optimally organize or structure multiple product variations. I’ve read there is an issue where only the first variation is accounted for, and not the others.

    A common issue with too many variations is that it exceeds the default limit set by WordPress. By default, WordPress limits the number of terms you can have in a product attribute taxonomy to 50 variations. This might be why it’s only grabbing the first one.

    To start, I suggest increasing this limit. This can be done by adding a piece of code to your theme’s functions.php file, or by using a plugin like the code snippets. More information is on our documentation below:


    I hope this points you in the right direction.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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