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    Thank you Caroline for this beautiful theme.

    I’ve installed and started customizing the theme using the child theme, and visited pretty much all the past posts to get ideas and solutions, but still have a few things I either could not find answers or suggested methods did not work.
    I’ll post each one separately to keep it simple – any advice will be much appreciated!

    The site is this

    *To make dropdown menus*

    I’m having trouble creating dropdown for the menu.
    I have read and tried following the advice on here but it seems like I am not understanding it right and I am quite confused.

    and for three of them (profile, stage+camera+voice, and artwork) to be dropdown.

    I’ve originally thought that’s done via creating parent page and child page but didn’t work, so following the previous post, I’ve created categories under those 3 names.

    I can see that I am supposed to use custom link in order to make the dropdown but what URL am I linking to?

    Obviously I’m misunderstanding some steps here with my confusion. If anyone can help me clarify this would be wonderful.


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  • Figured out.



    Can you please share how you accomplished this? I DIDN’T figure it out!



    I followed one of the advice from the past post. I couldn’t really understand it first and that’s why I had to ask here again, but I kept trying several times and finally figured it out.

    In “Custom Link” (in Menues), you can apparently just put # for URL.
    Then put whatever the name you like for the dropdown menu for “Label” (for example “DROPDOWN”) and add to menu. Then add the categories or pages you want under it, then you can move them a little bit to the right by dragging so that they are under “DROPDOWN”. This will automatically creates the dropdown menu.

    I first didn’t realise you can put “#” for URL and leave it as is, and also you can drag menu items, so that took me a while to figure out. It is a bit tricky to explain in words, so I hope this is making sense to you. Good luck!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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