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  • Hi, I have problem with too low bounce rate on my site.

    I use analytics dashboard plugin.

    I installed tag assistant chrome plugin and multiple codes was detected (2x pagieviews).

    I tried to find my second analytics code and remove it but can’t.

    I removed all plugins but nothing happen. Probably this code was added with old plugin. I tried to find this but this code doesn’t have any analytics ID.
    I don’t know why is and where is it.

    Do you have any solution? I’d like to remove this second code.

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  • Somedays it seems like every plugin you find wants to ‘help you’ with your analytics and SEO. So it’s pretty easy to find you have two analytics code sets.

    Same with sitemaps. You don’t want two sets of XML sitemaps. A XML and a HTML version are acceptable though.

    The better-behaved plugins (like Yoast) will try to help you avoid this in one way or another but it’s still up to you to ensure those duplications of efforts don’t happen.

    If it was me I’d try the health check plugin and shut down all my plugins via that while testing to see if the problem goes away. Then reintroduce the plugins one at a time watching for the dual analytics code to show up again.

    You should be able to see the codes duplicated in the HTML by examining the pages (CTRL-U, I think, in most browsers). Your ‘tag assistant’ might help but verify visually if you can.

    There are some themes that might offer an Analytics code pane also during setup. If you don’t find the plugins causing the issue look there next.

    If you have an analytics dashboard in your admin panel then you might trigger a second analytics code insertion with that also.

    Some ‘triggers’ may look like a duplication but in reality, it’s just a repetition the analytics identification/authorization number. Sniffing out possible problems programmatically isn’t always an exact science.

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