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    I have been trying for a week now to create a blog here. I have read everything I can find to build the page and evidently I am just that stupid as I can not make it work. So I am wondering if there is anyone on here who would like to make a bit of money to set up my page for me so that all I need to do is write and post. I am not looking for anything complicated and crazy. Just the basics of the theme I found and the ability to write and post and for people to be able to comment etc. I have absolutly no computer backround other than how to cut and paste so any tech help is the equivalent of asking a new born baby to cook dinner. If anyone is interested in making a little bit of money to help me please email me at Thank you in advance for any and all help.

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  • Unless you definitely must have your own domain, perhaps you should consider using

    I thought that was what I signed up for. *very confused*

    This is wordpress.ORG. .ORG is different than .COM (well, both have an “O” in ’em, but aside from that…)

    Try visiting for a free hosted blog. We don’t host ’em here at .org. Support for those is at

    Ok..sorry, I didn’t know.

    Well, now I’M confused too. 🙂

    In this other thread:
    I get the distinct impression you already have hosting (Yahoo?).

    Here’s what I have..I bought a .com domain, its on my server at Atci. I wanted to create a tribute to my sisters who were killed and it was recommended to install wp and create the blog here. I thought that is what I did. I have tried to make this blog thing and it is not working. I have tried to find help and it is entirely to techinical. What I was able to create is not showing up on the “public” page so I have no clue as to what I am doing wrong and have no one to ask. So if you can tell me what I am doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it.

    Hey Dessa,

    Tried your link and it seems ready for posting to me. Are you still having issues?

    I did try and send an email to but it came back undeliverable

    The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

    ‘’ on 19/05/2007 10:09 AM
    Invalid recipient


    Hi Nathan~
    That’s weird. I don’t know…anyway, yes I am still having problems. At a loss at this point. simply do not know what to do anymore.

    Dessa, can you log in to your blog? Have you tried writing a post and publishing it?

    If you are having trouble getting started, I would suggest looking in the Codex. That’s where all the documentation is, including instructions on how to log in, how to post, etc.

    It would also be helpful if you could give specific examples of what you are having problems with.

    Thank you for writing. Yes I am able to log in and I have tried to write a post and publish it, but nothing is working. I don’t know how to be more specific. I went to the dashboard followed the instruction, wrote a page, clicked publish and then checked the view. To view it from where it was written, the whole theme and post are visible. If you go to the top of the page next to the name and click view the only thing you see is part of the theme and nothing else. I tried reading the Codex, but I find I have the brains of pudding when it comes to understanding any of it.

    I think you may have written a page and not a post.

    A “page” is a static piece that never changes, doesn’t have a date, and won’t show up in your main blog. You probably don’t want to write a page.

    A “post” is a blog item that has a date and WILL show up in order (by date) on your main blog. Readers can leave comments about your post. This is most likely what you want to write.

    To write a POST, from the dashboard click on “write” and then on “Write Post”. When you are finished, click on “publish.” If it says “Write Page” in big letters right above your title, you’re in the wrong place.

    To tell what you’ve written previously, click on “Manage.” Posts will be listed on the “Posts” tab and pages will be listed on the “Pages” tab.

    After you’ve written a post and published it, when you click on “view site” at the top of the screen next to the name, you should see your post.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you..I did that as well…I think perhaps I need to just give up on this. I am not computer savy enough to figure it out and I am now at the point where I just want to cry. Sooo not worth it. Thank you so much for all your help.
    Best wishes,

    Thank you to all who wrote and helped.

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