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    Firstly, I have some sad news to share on the forum. My host provider gave me the sad news today morning that there was a security breach and ALL the servers had been wiped clean. They also did not take any backup of my stuff and I have lost atleast 5 months of my WP data (@#$%). This has prompted me to shift to a new host with immediate effect since my website has been down for more than 48 hours now.

    I want a host provider who can assure me of ZERO loss of data during critical times and that too on the tapes. Of course, I will be taking my own backups periodically to avoid such embarassing moments in the future. In my short research, I came up with a few names but I am a bit confused on which to choose.

    I am a little biased in my opinion about The problem is that they have their own customised control panel and no “Fantastico”. I am a typical designer with NO inclination towards setting up the WP account manually. MT is costly but I have paid a heavy price by taking cheaper options in the past. Most designers, as I heard are also hosted on MT not to mention that MT is a brand name.

    I found, which has decent rates and plans and also very impressive. I want to know from the members about which one would be suited to host a personal WP blog? Is MT really good or it’s just the hype? Please suggest a good hosting (safe, secure and reliable) since I am looking at the long term future.

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  • I used Westhost for a looong long time before I moved to dedicated server. You can read a partial review here.
    In short: Best value VPS.

    Hi Angsuman. Thanks for those links. Your article on the various terminologies of hosting was very interesting and has enlightened me on choosing my next host. I would review West Host also now.

    Would they offer a discount to me if you referred my name?

    you have to have ur own backup … always …

    Yes Umair…I have learnt that the hard way. I will be more careful the next time.

    I just left Westhost for Bluehost earlier this year. Bluehost support is amazing and they do daily backups. Westhost’s control panel is a nightmare and it is so slow it’s painful. Also, you should go to their forums and read the year or two long thread on how sites just freeze up – these are people on their VPS plans. I went with them for the VPS, it wasnt worth it, still lots of downtime and that freezing problem. My sites run so smoothly with Bluehost.

    Moved my people and myself over to Bluehost and it’s been a wonderful experience. And Bluehost is going to be offering VPS in the future.

    Plus if you sign up for a westhost promo plan, you will never get any upgrades on that plan while people on normal plans are getting more space and goodies, you have to go through the hassle of changing plans after awhile. And their tech support sucks except for a guy named Dave. With Bluehost, you call them up and you dont even have to finish your sentence and they’ve already read your mind and hooked you up with what you need.

    Thanks Missysnow for the Bluehost review (I am not sure how angsuman would take it). With so many good names with features and competitive pricing moving around, I am a bit confused now.

    I have to decide upon a host provider quickly before my web traffic runs away from me.

    Thanks to everyone who replied on this thread. I have selected to be my next host provider. Apart from WordPress Forums, I also came across good reviews elsewhere which prompted me to select them.

    Thanks to Missynow for all the good information.

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