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    Hey @baxter94,

    It’s actually not doing any complex codes on your site, the image smushing algorithm works on our server and your server only sends image and gets new one. Maybe the only problem can be small max_execution_time value. Are you getting any error message? If you can explain the problem you get I can try to help you more.


    @baxter94, To figure out the need for NASA server I’d need some details. is the process slow for you? How many images are there in Media Library?

    It might appear slow if there are too many registered image sizes in your website, and since the images are optimised on remote server, it does takes a second or two to send and receive the image from Smush API, which can’t be avoided.

    So say there are 300 attachments in your media library, and each attachment have at least 4 registered image sizes, that’d easily make the image count to 1200. And optimising 1200 images via a remote API will definitely take some time. Also, this is very much dependent on how quick are your servers or where are they located.

    To further help you, I’d need some details, like number of images you have? And how much is the delay?

    Thanks, Umesh

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    everything is fine, sorry it was from my side. πŸ™‚

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