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  • delidiwane


    Paying $150 for every site is much over the limit. There is no sense to store the log data in the same DB as WP and to be able to store the log data outside you need to pay. I think this plugin is a joke.

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  • d3d5x1


    To be clear, the plugin is free. The features are comparable or better than similar plugins, but it has additional features in a paid version. If you can find a plugin that can store activity logs in an external database for free, I’d love to know what it is.

    Plugin Contributor robertabela


    Hello @delidiwane

    Thank you for your feedback. As we are constantly striving to offer our customers the best products possible, all forms of feedback are appreciated.

    To clarify, our plugin comes in both free and paid editions. The free edition includes all of the logging capabilities as the paid edition, so rest assured you are not missing out on any of the logging functionality offered by our plugin, regardless of the edition.

    The enterprise-grade edition of the plugin offers extra features, including mirroring the activity logs to third party services or saving the activity log in an external database. However, we do not stop users from exporting the data manually. We offer complete database documentation that includes all of the structures and information on how the activity log is stored. You can use this documentation to build your own custom solution should you wish to transfer entries to any other database or service.

    In regards to the plugin price; while the price does start at $150 for one website, prices go down significantly the more licenses you purchase. To give an example, a 10-site license costs $399. That’s $39.9 per website.

    Furthermore, our plugin offers a comprehensive logging scope, which is way more than what many of our competitors offer, even in their free edition. We also provide priority support to our enterprise customers who can contact us directly rather than resort to forums to find answers. As you can imagine, this requires a team of people who work tirelessly to make sure our plugin is updated regularly and performs beyond expectations while ensuring that should the customer need support; we are there to help.

    I hope the above gives you a better understanding of the plugin and our business model. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Have a good day.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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