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  • Hi Esmi,

    Templatic are making money out of WordPress, and not delivering on their support commitments… effectively lowering the bar of the community.

    Appreciate this is not a soapbox, but you are effectively vindicating their actions (i.e. taking my money, refusing communication, and deleting my account) by not allowing me to inform the rest of the community of these actions.

    What do you suggest… I play by the rules, but these guys need to know that they can’t trample over their customers.

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  • esmi


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    I appreciate and understand your frustration but this is not the right platform for an ongoing rant. Your previous posts have informed the community and I have let them stand for that reason. But threats to continue bumping? That was inappropriate and was a direct contravention of the Forum rules.

    There is nothing anyone can do here to help you directly. You’ve said your piece and made your point. Please let it stand at that.

    Ok – bumping was out of line. Granted.

    Is just insane that these guys can take your money and then delete you! Do you need any kind of “approval” from WordPress to sell add-on products to their OS? Or is there a recognised “code of conduct” for such on-sellers?

    Can I escalate this to someone on the WP side?

    Appreciate your assistance in getting this to the right place.



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    Do you need any kind of “approval” from WordPress to sell add-on products to their OS?

    No. WordPress is an Open Source application released under GPL. Anyone can create a theme. And sell it if they so wish. Only the WordPress name as part of a domain name is currently protected.

    Or is there a recognised “code of conduct” for such on-sellers?

    No. Open source means anyone can pretty much do anything.

    Can I escalate this to someone on the WP side?

    I’m sorry but there’s no one to escalate it to.

    Cheers Esmi – a shame that a few terrible service providers can bring down good people like yourself. Ok… so I lose, WP gets a bad rap, and the bad guy’s got my hard earnt cash!!!

    So, seeing as “anyone can pretty much do anything” I’ll take his code back to OS. So if anyone wants a FREE copy of Templatic Classifieds download it *here.

    Cheerio WP! It was short but meaningful! 68Classifieds here I come! ;0)

    *[Moderated] Inappropriate.

    I’m sorry, but regardless of the service you did or didn’t receive, it does not excuse you from distributing someone elses work for free via these forums.

    If you want to make it available to get back at them, fine do it (it’s your choice), but this forum is not going to act as an avenue for you distributing that content, so i’m removing the link.

    Ok… so I lose, WP gets a bad rap,

    WP does not get a bad rep, no relationship exists between Templatic and WordPress other then the fact they use WordPress. If for example Adobe sold me a product for my Windows PC, and for one reason or another i was extremely dissatisfied with the product, it would be incorrect for me to say this gives Microsoft a bad name, because Windows is just the system it’s installed onto, not the application/product i have a problem with.

    Why did you choose Templatic? Personal recommendation? Search engine result? .. Did you have a particular reason to believe they would offer a particular level of service? ..

    I think the best course of action is to publish your side of the story of how things progressed to the point of your account being deleted on your own blog or website.

    Their is no BBB for commercial theme or plugin authors so when you buy through them, you do so at your own risk. Most of the time, plugin or theme authors will not grant a refund because there is no way to know for sure that the customer will delete and remove the product from their machines. It’s like paying for something, a day later asking for a refund and if you get the refund, you also keep the product.

    Jeff would you mind elaborating on what BBB is for those of us not quite in the know. Although it does primarily mean in me, because i’m intrigued, i’m sure i’m not the only one wondering… (well i hope not i’d feel so behind the times).

    EDIT: Thank you Michael… 😉

    That’s the Better Business Bureau. Review the About Us for their mission —

    lol wow, did they really think you would leave that link up? FREE premium themes on WP for everyone!



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    Thread is 6 months old. Lets leave it to die peacefully shall we?

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