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  • Resolved Sandeep Kumar


    Hello All,

    I hope you guys have recognized that WC Marketplace plugin version 2.3X was launched 2 days back. Given the fact that this is the biggest update of all time, extensive testing is the need of this hour. I have created a list of issues that I have found with the help of some community users, you can check it here.

    I request to submit your findings too so that we can get them fixed asap.

    Looking forward to your cooperation.


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  • Think I’ve found another bug:
    Since WCMp v2.3.x or WC v2.5 as vendor it’s not possible to create a new attribute value on product add / edit page.
    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Login as vendor
    2. Create a new product / Edit existing product
    3. Product data -> switch to the “Attributes” tab and open an attribute (e.g. color if exists)
    4. Click on add
    5. In Popup write your new attribute value and save

    Expectation: You should see the new value in the attribute’s input field

    Best regards

    @Ninos- Thanks for the heads up. WCMp is yet to be tested against WooCommerce 2.5. Given the fact that 2.5 was one of the biggest update for WooCommerce, we would wait for 7-8 days before planning out the task list for supporting it. The reasons for the wait are explained in the topic description here:

    Let me know if you share any alternate thoughts. Of course, your efforts haven’t gone waste as after launching version 2.3.2( next weekend) we would start working on the compatibility with WC 2.5.

    For now, I am marking the topic resolved as we are yet to declare support for WC 2.5.


    dear developer,
    Can you help to check why the product description tab is gone in product display page ?


    Hello Gordon,

    Guess what, it’s the theme again. You need to ask your designer to look for a different theme or else you need to check the existing theme more closely as they do things differently. For example- In most of the WooCommerce themes, you would find the long product description is available as a product tab, Sophistic lite does it a bit differently. Check the screenshots for more details:

    Maybe there is a setting panel in theme where you can configure the location of the long product description.


    Hi since I updated woocommerce to 2.5 my site remains on vendor dashboard regardless of which link i click

    dear sandy,
    Thanks once again.Will discuss with the designer.

    @tshwanom- Thanks for the heads-up. We are yet to come with the support for WooCommerce 2.5X, still I would like to get the issue fixed for you. Can you ping me over live chat window on the official site-

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    @gordonyg- Sure, before you purchase the theme do let me know. I have collected many themes to set up demo sites and compatibility testing. Just want to make sure that you don’t end up investing in a theme that won’t work 🙂


    Hi there… I have the same issue as @tshwanom… Since the last wcmp update… All my UM links redirects me to the wcmp_vendor_dashboard.
    I have WC 2.5.1, so I think the issue is there… Let me know if there is a solution!! Thank you very much!!!

    @francomc- Thanks for reaching out. We are yet to officially support Ultimate Member plugin. WooCommerce 2.5.1 shouldn’t be the cause of the issue but it rather seems to be occurring because of the conflict between UM and WC Marketplace.

    Our initial plan didn’t included the support for UM but given the number of requests we have received in last 1 month, we are planning to test UM extensively and ensure that both plugins can work together. Though I cannot commit on the ETA for the same. Would keep you posted.


    Thank you very much Sandy… I think the solution for now is get back to the previous version of the plugin, isn’t? At least was working… We want to buy some addons (Frontend manager at least), this addon will work with the wcmp 2.3.1? (Which is the version that is installed and working for us).
    Thank you in advance!

    @francomc- You are welcome, the addon should work fine with WCMp 2.3.1 but before you purchase the addon I would like to fix the issue with UM conflict for WCMp 2.3.2. How about a one to one discussion. If that sounds good, please ping me over live chat on the official site-

    dear Sand,

    The new version layout misalignment. take a look at shop front.”hide from user” & policies etc.

    Is the similar misalignment that happens before.


    Hello Gordon,

    Thanks for reaching out. I see that you are still using the very same theme which I had reported to carry issues, see my message in this thread itself. Sorry but we cannot add support for this theme. Try storefront or other standard Woothemes and if issue persist I shall surely get them fixed.


    Dear sand,
    Previous version after your tweak is ok…..


    Fix: Multiple shortcode in vendor dashboard issue has been fixed.
    Fix: Some css tweaks in shop settings page.

    Don’t know why the current version happened again….

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