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  • Mitch


    Deactivate – Archive – Spam is basically the same they all say the site is deleted. but delete is unrecoverable.

    The problem.
    I have like hundreds of people have a Multiuser network set up, and like everyone else get splogs everyday.
    I’m making it my mission to not have these type of blogs on my network.
    But they will get through and I would like to know what everyone does to control these Splogs, Sleeping Splogs and out write spammers.

    What I have been doing is I put a notice on top of my TOS saying.

    Notice: Any Blog that is not worked on within 24 hours of creation will be deleted along with the user account. If you can not work on your Blog with in 24 hours after creating your blog please send a E-mail one of our Support Staff Via the contact form
    We need to do this to stop sleeper splogs.

    Then in 24-48 hours I check if the blog has content. (I know and you know if you wanted to get a free anything you would be excited and want to start wright away) Then if the blog has content I move to the next one. And if the blog has nothing, (most have a changed theme and nothing done-as I see it automated software or some one doing it and trying to make it look like it was worked on) I just delete the Blog and the user.

    I would like to know How everyone else handles these splogs and what and how they do it. (what plugins help, what procedures they take, ect.)
    Thanks and sorry about being long winded :>

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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    We’ve talked about this a LOT here in the forums. start searching. 😉

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