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  • To Anyone who knows what they’re doing:

    I purchased the “Revolution Magazine” theme a couple of days ago and have since sured up my hosting account ( and taken all the necessary registration steps with both word press and anything associated with the host account. That said, I cannot for the life of me get the theme uploaded, I have spent literally hours on the phone with customer support, and nothing works.

    I have scoured your forums as well as the word press support forums, et cetera and have come to the conclusion it ain’t going to happen on my accord. Thats where this request comes into play:

    If I email you the zipped “Rev. Magazine” theme which I dl’ed upon purchase and supply you with the hosting information is there any way you could upload it for me? I know this is probably one of the more bizarre requests but I so desperately just want it uploaded so I can begin working on it. Please, you would alleviate a lot of stress if you would be kind enough to help me out.

    Thanks a lot and I look forward to hearing back from you when time permits.


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  • All you need is a good FTP client like FileZilla and you’re off to the races.

    I have filezilla and I cannot get it uploaded for the life of me. I am really about to start pulling my hair out. If someone could help me out I could see if it’s something with my host or anything on my part, not the file itself. Bahhh this has gone from a little problem, to an annoyance, to frustrating, to now — hair ripping.

    These might sound like silly questions but I need to know exactly what is happening.

    You have used a FTP client before?
    You have your host’s FTP login info?
    You can login with those credentials?

    You have used a FTP client before?

    Yes, but it was a) a while ago and b) It was something minuscule, I believe the extent was loading a page from coffee cup through it’s own software uploader.

    You have your host’s FTP login info?


    You can login with those credentials?

    Yes, however I can’t seem to connect. No matter what I try. It’s beyond frustrating, and quickly turning mind numbing.

    Okay, I’m determined to help you. But let me fist give you some info so you’ll understand the situation better and then I’ll ask you for some info so I’ll be able to understand the situation better.

    You can run a WordPress blog in several different ways:

    Scenario 1: You sign-up for a free WordPress blog at and (optionally) register a domain name with a third party provider and link it to your WordPress Blog hosted by This is the cheapest way because you only pay for the domain name and not for any webspace. The downside is that you’re limited in customizing your WordPress blog. You cannot upload your own theme. You can only choose one that’s provided to you by in the admin pannel.

    Scenario 2: You have your own webspace, running with a webhost provider. The server your website is hosted on has PHP and MySQL installed. You download the WordPress installation files from and upload them to the webspace of your provider and install WordPress yourself. Upside: you can customize WordPress anyway you want with your own custom themes and plugins. Downside: you have to install it all yourself.

    Scenario 3: You have your own webspace, running with a webhost provider who has WordPress pre-installed for you. This is the best of both worlds. You can customize it however much you want yet you don’t have to install it yourself. Downside: your stuck with the version they provide for you. If you want to upgrade to a newer version of WordPress you most likely have to install it yourself. Your webhost could also limit you in the extent of the customization of WordPress. (although I have never heard of a webhost that does)

    I can only help you if you find yourself in scenario 2 or 3. If you’re in scenario 1 I’m sorry, what you want is not possible.

    After reading everything you wrote I still have some questions. Let’s start from the beginning so I’m sure we’re on the same page:

    First of all what’s the address to your website/blog? so I can have a look what’s up and running (and what isn’t).

    What scenario are we talking here, 1,2, or 3?

    If you’re in scenario 2, has WordPress been installed already and if so by whom? Or does it still need to be installed?

    If you’re in scenario 3, does limit you in any way to the extent in which you can customize WordPress? (ask them!)

    You can login with those credentials?

    Yes, however I can’t seem to connect.

    This confuses me. How can you login if you can’t connect? Are you getting an error message? If so, when are you getting it and what does it say exactly? (can you see the directory tree on the server)

    If it goes wrong while uploading (after you have successfully logged in) have you tried switching your Filezilla into or out of “passive mode”? Some servers only accept passive mode some don’t accept it at all.

    Can you download any files from your web space using filezilla?

    I sure you’re pretty tired of all these questions, but I’m only trying to eliminate all the possible places it could have gone wrong. The more I know about the situation the easier it is to figure out where the problem is occurring.

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