• What a lot of people don’t understand is this… WCFM is a building block… it seems like everyone is expecting free custom work as it doesn’t work with what they want it to work with…

    The support I’ve always had a reply within a week, as I provide screenshots of videos so its easy to understand..

    And to all the people who say I have this error on my site and this error on this,

    I can tell you as a fact, I have never had an error… if you follow the set up correctly & check plugins work with wcfm you won’t have that problem.

    Its out of order people slamming 1 star here for things that aren’t actually meant to be dealt with wcfm.

    also to all the people moaning… If you don’t like it or don’t understand it.. Build your own from scratch. should only take a few thousand hours & around £10 grand… then you wont have any problems..

    I have taken WCFM as my base and built a very successful marketplace the thousands everyday are using. & it wouldn’t of been possible without this FREE / Very low price plugin,

    All the best

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    Just to add. I wasn’t asked to leave this.. Just fed up with everyone moaning all the time

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