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    After installing TML, I had a login redirection to “tml user panel” wich I was not found of.
    Then I enabled several modules, and got rid of that page.
    Now I would like to use it again, as I found what to put in the user links module, but I don’t know how to recover it.
    Was it a page auto created wich I may have deleted ?
    Actually, when I set the redirection to default, the user is always redirected to to the “tml profile page” after login. I can’t reach the TML panel anymore.
    Any idea ?

    Thank you for this plugin !

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  • Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    You would have to turn off Themed Profiles in order to get the “user panel” override of the Login page back. Otherwise, you can place the shortcode anywhere, or use the widget and it will show the “user panel” when logged in as well.

    Hi @jfarthing84,

    Thank you for your quick answer,
    I tried your tip but it is not working neither.
    Disabling Themed Profiles drives the logged user to WP default dashboard.

    I also tried to get that panel using a shortcode but I’m not sure I built it correctly.
    Can you tell me the shortcode that shows the user-panel please ?


    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    [theme-my-login] should do it.

    Thanks @jfarthing84,

    This is the code inside the TML Profile page as well.
    Is it possible that the user-panel default template as been broken ?
    I previously tried like this too :
    [theme-my-login user_template="user-panel.php"]
    This is not working neither.
    Is there a page called “user-panel” created on installation ?
    Actually I only have one TML page. The profile page.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Try [theme-my-login default_action="login"]?

    Hi @jfarthing84,

    Thank you, this link works properly !
    Now I think i understand what is happening on my server.

    I don’t remember if TML created one or two pages when I installed it.
    Actually I have only one, called My Profile, this one is the one page were the user is redirected after login.
    Previously the page were the user was redirected was called My Dashboard, or something like this, with the links My Profile, Disconnect etc.. and I may have deleted that page.
    Then the user was redirected to My Profile instead. And as far as I deleted the first page, I was not able to go back to it. Maybe because of the ID of the post in the DB wich TML refers to.
    And my initial question was how to change the post ID were TML automatically redirects after login. Were to change this in the DB or TML’s files.

    If you have an answer to this question, I would be interested to know. Anyway, you partially solved my problem. I will rename My Profile page to My Dashboard, put your link on that page, create a new page for My Profile, configure the goods user links, and everything should work like this 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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