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  • I think I just leapt before I looked 🙁

    I wanted to create a membership site that gave away WP themes from various places and friends. I registered the WordPress trademark as part of the long domain. I just read the part about not doing that, but that they simply requested that you don’t do that and instead use WP. I now have half of a membership site built and am not real sure how to proceed…

    I’ve considered the trademark issue, but also see it’s fact that it is plastered all over the place already as WordPress and the site is giving away trademarked images to use. Being I am not a lawyer, but want to do the right thing, I would appreciate some guidance here prior to consulting a lawyer (which would be uncool, but I don’t want to see days of work down the drain either) if that becomes necessary.

    I think that getting a sister domain with WP would be easiest but am not sure that a transfer of everything and then a redirect would work out so good.

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  • Disregard, I just bought a new domain with WP instead of WordPress in the URL and did a redirect to the new site. Had to nuke the old install, but I figured it was the right thing to do. Wish me luck 😉

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